"The province schools"

  • Jihad neighborhood school
  • Al-Yamamah school
  • Welfare School
  • Port Said School
  • Al Areen School
  • Iyad Ali Gharib School
  • annual Rabat for Boys
  • Geber School
  • Zainab bent Ali school
  • Al-Rabt Al-Kabeer School
  • Uday School
  • Al-Arqam School

"Contracted with Al-Enmaa, Lebanese Engineering and Contracting Company processing (24 projects)"

- School buildings in the center of the province, districts and areas under the supervision of the province of Basra Directorate of Education in addition to the laboratory buildings. - Compressive strength: (C 35, C 30, C 25)

“Schools of districts”

  • Muhammad of pure self School
  • Al-Jazr Al-Mohammadi School
  • AL-Erfan School
  • Al-Akras School
  • Gernata Model School
  • School of martyrs of Iraq

“Processing some projects by contract with the United Arab Emirates Alhashl Contracting Company.”

Alhashl Company
1-  new Basra provincial council building - Work site -: mahalat Al saey - Project compression: C 45, C 35, C 30 2- Project: Laboratory and Computing building - Work site -: Al Karma University - Compressive strength: C 30, C 25 3- Project: National building Laboratory construction - Compressive strength: C 35, C 25 - Excellence processing speed and high precision in accordance with the standards required by the beneficiary - The supervision was done by committees for each project that belongs to the beneficiary.

''Processing Safwan Hospital Project (100 beds) in district of Safwan''

By contract with Ard Al-Sodor Contracting Company for Compressive strength (C 35, C 30) The resident engineer was supervising the project, a Greek company Terna engineer. And follow-up by the province of Basra.

''Schools buildings projects in the center of Basra province''

Anwar Al-Sultan
By contracting with Anwar Sultan Construction Company to Compressive strength C 35 The supervision was done by a committee of the Directorate of Education and the province of Basra and the contractors. Excellent work was done that impressed the supervising authority. Below the names of the six workplace sites
  • Al-Emaar Schools site
  • Ahmed Rahim al-Maliki Schools site
  • Aloestbrq schools site
  • talent schools site
  • Rahim Jassim al-Maliki Schools site
  • Mustafa Jassim al-Maliki schools site

''Processing naval command buildings project in the provinence of the Khor Al-Zubair that belongs to Iraqi Ministry of Defence''

by contract with wasaa Al-Ard Contracting Company. Processing has been been done according to the required specifications for Compressive strength C 25

''Project processing (CN - 101501) creating and pouring wells sites''

Brothers’ Meet company
In North and South Rumaila and Alrjsiah bu contract with the Brothers’ Meet Company Limited for Construction Contracting. Processing has been done according to the required specifications To resist different compressions, in the period specified, and by the guidance of the Commission Supervising the processing.

''Processing SKA tanks project''

Sadeem AL-Fayhaa
second phase in the free zone in Khor Al-Zubair. By contract with Sadeem Fayhaa Contracting Company, the processing has been done According to the Code of specifications for the Iraqi Compressive strength C 35. Total processed volumes for the project during the ninety days was 10,000 m3.

"Processing the project of establishing the playgrounds of Althel industrial (6)"

In Basra province by contracting with Rawaat Al-defaf Contracting Co. Compressive strength C25. Committed to the technical specifications required.