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We would like told you the our company businesses and expertise accumulate united it efforts . After formation structure consist from (five companies) to Varied specialization and it has Expertise too long so our companies show it full readiness to cooperate with the ministries Departments and companies which have relation in implementation the construction of projects And investment such as cities , tourist villages , villages modern. the roads projects , bridges Tourist hotels and complexes residential , It is specializes civil works only projects of establishment the edifice Different buildings and various multi-storey and the realization of the processing of asphalt .

Before the introduction of our company and it the last years of our companies were able to complete Successfully and the confidence of many construction projects in the strategic management Of high technical specifications and work to reach the global standard of achievement to the full And complete technical specifications , with confidence our company was keen on the choice Of engineers and it artist and accuracy because of the reservation for our companies on the experience .

And many years and was an honorable life and self-assembling with God’s help , efforts and The establishment of his groups to be able to complete all the required actions and follow-up To the achievement of more accurate and in accordance with the highest professional standards And to be known to use in the construction sector , construction , trade , investment and transport in Iraq A leading role in the field of competence at the in order to compete in quality and price .

Accuracy and speed in completing the work for the delivery of the final finish work by the tables Where you can set the completion of the largest and the largest commercial projects . 

Public transport and the company owns all equipment and fixtures and camps and all sorts of mechanisms in accordance with international standards.

 The hope of invitation in the event of a similar work for you with appreciation .


A subsidiary of khairat alkhour.

Concrete plant


The company owns another plant for the production of concrete in the area Albrjsiah
Turkish type, at production speed of 80 per hour per m 3
The lab runs a dedicated staff with modern mechanisms and equipment

Asphalt plant

The company owns and Italian asphalt plant. Production speed is 150 tons per hour. the plant contains all the machinery and equipment with two lines. It is make asphalt for different sites of the province of Basra by high specifications and quality
The plant has a staff of experienced workers and technicians with experience in this field
Plant Site: within the main site of the company

Sand quarry

The company owns three quarries for sand in the Sanam mountain
The sand passed laboratory tests (chemical, physical tests)
Quarry also produces material (Alspec) Type C, Type B, Type A Quarries contains all the mechanisms and modern equipment
Locations: Basra province – Safwan


''Schools buildings projects in the center of Basra province''

Anwar Al-Sultan
By contracting with Anwar Sultan Construction Company to Compressive strength C 35 The supervision was done by a committee of the Directorate of Education and the province of Basra and the contractors. Excellent work was done that impressed the supervising authority. Below the names of the six workplace sites
  • Al-Emaar Schools site
  • Ahmed Rahim al-Maliki Schools site
  • Aloestbrq schools site
  • talent schools site
  • Rahim Jassim al-Maliki Schools site
  • Mustafa Jassim al-Maliki schools site

“Processing some projects by contract with the United Arab Emirates Alhashl Contracting Company.”

Alhashl Company
1-  new Basra provincial council building - Work site -: mahalat Al saey - Project compression: C 45, C 35, C 30 2- Project: Laboratory and Computing building - Work site -: Al Karma University - Compressive strength: C 30, C 25 3- Project: National building Laboratory construction - Compressive strength: C 35, C 25 - Excellence processing speed and high precision in accordance with the standards required by the beneficiary - The supervision was done by committees for each project that belongs to the beneficiary.

"The province schools"

  • Jihad neighborhood school
  • Al-Yamamah school
  • Welfare School
  • Port Said School
  • Al Areen School
  • Iyad Ali Gharib School
  • annual Rabat for Boys
  • Geber School
  • Zainab bent Ali school
  • Al-Rabt Al-Kabeer School
  • Uday School
  • Al-Arqam School

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